Credit Clear has appointed ARMA co-founder Andrew Smith to drive its continued business growth, primarily responsible for delivering digitisation services for existing and new clients.

We are delighted to announce that ARMA Group has agreed to be acquired by ASX-listed financial technology company Credit Clear Limited (ASX: CCR).

Credit Clear, founded in 2015, is an Australian-owned and operated technology company that builds world-class software and digital platform solutions. Credit Clear’s technology has been successfully adopted and used to optimise financial recoveries. Its digital platform is being deployed by businesses looking to supercharge their accounts receivables. Credit Clear’s senior management team boasts a wealth of experience in bringing innovative digital solutions to the finance sector, including its flagship mobile payment platform, which ARMA will use to help its clients optimise their recovery rates and provide alternative options for your customers to engage with us to resolve their financial challenges.

When we formed ARMA in 2015, our vision was to be at the forefront of change within the collections industry, and to set the standard for the way in which we communicate with our customers. We wanted to challenge the way the industry operated and how it was perceived. We made a commitment to bringing a smarter, faster and more innovative approach to the way we managed our customers' cash flows.

This new technology will further assist ARMA to uphold our core value of managing the most vulnerable customers and those customers experiencing financial hardship in an empathetic, respectful, compliant and positive manner.

Congratulations to Vaios Kortikis MICM CCE (20 Years) & Nunzio Settinelli (25 Years) for collectively achieving 45 years of membership with the Australian Institute of Credit Management. Both have been foundational supporters of ARMA & Force Legal Pty Ltd. Well known and well respected throughout the credit industry, we are very fortunate to have worked with them across their many roles.