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ARMA's Father Son Duo

The family first culture has always been a key reason for the success of ARMA. An example of this is our father/son duo Jordan and Michael Irwin.

The impending wave of Financial Hardship cases are coming: How will your business respond post COVID

Pre-COVID19—if you can stretch the memory back that far! —about 1 in 1000 accounts referred to ARMA were hardship cases. That is, a customer admits their liability but is unable to pay their liability due to illness, unemployment, or other reasonable cause. As the coronavirus and financial contagion spread, that number went through the roof. Just a couple of months later, something remarkable happened: the government stimulus money was distributed to individuals and we saw financial hardship cases dip BELOW pre-COVID levels. That’s right, fewer hardship cases since the Stimulus Packages. People were paying their bills. Now, with stimulus packages winding back from the end of September, and e

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