We are excited to announce that Australian Recoveries & Mercantile Agents Pty Ltd (ARMA) has become a Municipal Association of Victoria certificated supplier on the Debt Recovery panel. This enables ARMA to leverage our Local Council experience to the Victorian Local Government.

SYDNEY, 11 June 2021 — The Young Credit Professional of the Year Award (YCPA) is one of the most prestigious Young Credit Award Programs in Australia, allowing young talent to gain recognition for their work and the employer. This year, the YCPA is proudly sponsored by CreditorWatch and the Australian Recoveries & Mercantile Agents (ARMA). The YCPA program focuses on highlighting your career achievements, ambitions, giving individuals opportunities to expand their pathways for future advancements and reach their full potential.

After being encouraged by his previous manager to take part in the Young Credit Professional Award in 2005, Nick Pilavidis experienced a substantial broadening of his knowledge of the credit industry and was opened to a wealth of future career opportunities. Nick went on to win the National Award and is CEO of the Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM). His participation in the award opened multiple opportunities for him to gain involvement in the credit industry, specifically at AICM. He began as a volunteer on the division council in NSW, then earned his place on the board and eventually became CEO at AICM in August 2017.

The YCP awards allowed Nick to learn more about the credit profession, as in 2005, he had only worked in certain aspects of the credit industry. By participating in the award, he was given “a broader understanding of the profession”, a platform for “recognition of his achievements and to show his potential in the industry”. The Young Credit Professional Award “was a great opportunity to develop his career” as a young credit professional. 20 years later and the active nature of the YCPA has continued, holding events, training programs, and giving participants an experience to take part in the councils. The YCPA creates opportunities for the younger generation so that they feel supported when venturing into their future careers in the credit industry.

Commenting on the 2021 YCP awards, CreditorWatch CEO Patrick Coghlan said, “As Australia’s leading credit reporting bureau, we are working hard to attract new talent into the industry, as well as strengthen and diversify our early talent pipelines.

“By recognising and celebrating the high standards that exist in our industry, we encourage others to ‘lift their game’. We are proud of our profession and industry, and know we’re paving the way for those who’ll follow.”

Australian Recoveries and Mercantile Agents (ARMA) CEO Andrew Smith, stated, “The YCPA has a very special place in my heart having first been introduced to the award 13 years ago, as an NSW Divisional Judge on behalf of the long-time sponsor D&B.”

“It was during this process that I was able to meet some of the most significant and influential people in my career who would go on to be long term clients and more importantly, lifelong friends. So when the opportunity presented itself to co-sponsor this award, it was a chance I just couldn’t let pass by.”

Applications for the YCPA are openis open to both members and non-members who are working in the credit industry. Participants must be under 30 years of age as of 30 June in 2021. Applications for the YCPA close 11 June so it is your final chance to submit applications.

More information visit https://aicm.com.au/awards-accreditation/ycp-young-credit-professional/.