Debt Recovery

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ARMA is a specialist provider of contingent debt recovery solutions working across all industry sectors, specialising in Commercial, Consumer and Insurance Recoveries. ARMA does not purchase debt therefore do not have any conflict of interest when allocating collection resources.

At ARMA we pride ourselves on delivering a 4 pointed approach to debt recovery through the following:

  • Continually achieving superior recovery rates for clients (based on the net commercial return to the client)

  • Outstanding client service based on maintaining meaningful and transparent business relationships with relevant senior decision-makers in all client organizations

  • Highly efficient and effective operational capability

  • Continually applying and updating effective, positive collection strategies and processes that always treat debtors with respect.

ARMA pricing policy is results based and designed to maximise collection outcomes for our clients. Commission rates are inclusive of all first party costs associated with collection, including demand letters, phone calls, grams, internal locations and customer reporting.