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Parking Infringement Portal

ARMA Group Holdings Pty Ltd is an Authorised Agent contracted to manage the parking enforcement process on behalf of Parks Victoria

Before you proceed it is recommended that you read the FAQ page


Common reasons we are not able to withdraw an infringement

  • It’s my first offence – can I get off with a warning?

  • Not displaying a valid parking permit or ticket, including not displaying disability permit

  • A parking permit or ticket displayed incorrectly (e.g. faced down/blown off/ not displayed on dashboard)

  • Being unaware of which vehicles can use Loading Zones or Permit Zones

  • Not seeing or misreading a parking sign

  • Being new to or unfamiliar with Albert Park or a particular Road Rule

  • Being delayed by an appointment, meeting or being in a hurry

  • Unable to find anywhere else to park

  • Parking for a very short time

  • Stopping to make a quick delivery

  • Leaving the vehicle because you, or a passenger, needed to use the toilet

  • Leaving the vehicle to get change or running out of change

  • Running late to drop your children at school

  • A school area being so busy you could not park legally

  • Running out of petrol or experiencing vehicle issues that did not require repair/towing

  • Assuming parking fees not required as ticket machine was faulty

  • Making an error when using the ticket machine

  • Entering incorrect car registration details on ticket machine

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